If you are appearing for a creditor in a case, it would be helpful if you would notify the Trustee prior to the hearing that you will be appearing at the 341 Meeting. You may do so by emailing roberta@ladfislaw.com.

The Trustee has other debtors and creditors waiting to be called and must keep the meetings progressing. She does not intend to be rude, but she must stay on schedule; therefore, she may stop your questioning and suggest that you set the matter for a 2004 Exam if your questions deal solely with issues between the creditor and debtor.

If you have information about the debtor(s)' assets or information you deem relevant to the debtors' case, you can email the Trustee with the information or call her office with the details prior to the 341 Meeting.  This will enable the Trustee to question the debtor(s) at the meeting of creditors if relevant to the administration of the case.  The Trustee will not question the debtor(s) about issues related solely to the debt owed to you , the creditor, unless she deems it within your role as Trustee.

Creditor Appearance creditor appearance.pdf