Zoom video meeting. Go to

Enter Meeting ID 335 875 4980

Passcode 6437856478

call 1-469-218-9242 (phone particiaption is limited to the rare circumstance that the debtor cannot access a computer, tablet or smart phone).

USTP Instructions for Joining a Zoom 341(a) Meeting of Creditors.pdf

USTP Acceptable ID and SSN Documents List.pdf

USTP Sign Language Interpreter Request Cheat Sheet.pdf

Debtor's attorneys should upload a color copy, photo or other image of the social security card and driver's license (or other acceptable forms of identification used in past meetings) through the BlueStylus upload portal in the same fashion that you currently upload tax returns and other meeting documents.

USTP Best Practices for Debtors and Attorneys.pdf

Pro Se Debtors may upload documents to my DropBox Link here: 


See the section on this page entitled "Debtor Document upload" for more information.  Those documents containing personal information will be deleted post meeting similar to the tax return deletion process I use.