You are being invited by Trustee Shawn K. Brown to participate in BlueStylus Trustee Collaborative, a document sharing system that will allow you to upload required 341 documentation to your case trustee’s document management system.

Attached are some simple instructions to get you started. You will receive periodic notifications of new case assignments. [Pro Se Debtors  cannot use BlueStylus and should go to Debtor Document Upload on this website for an upload link and instructions]

Click the following hyperlink to create an account 

When signing up, please be sure to use the email address the court uses to provide you with notice regarding this case. Retain the username and password you create to access your account in the future. After you have registered, the next time you logon please use this link (you may want to save it as a favorite): If you want notifications to be sent to a different email address than the one you signed up with, click on Settings and add an email to Notification Email.

Instructions for uploading documents: Login, click on the Trustee Name, and then click on the case number that you want to upload documents for. We currently have two options for uploading documents, the one I’m about to explain is the preferable option because it has a larger file size upload capacity. Click on “Upload Documents” at the top left above the first checklist item. You will click on Add Item and browse for the document and you can add several more documents. Then choose the checklist item to link the document(s) to in the drop down. Then click Start Upload. The trustee will automatically see these documents after you upload them and see them in the below checklist item.

Feel free to email our support group if you have any questions. You can also view a flash demonstration by clicking on the following link.

For assistance please contact [email protected].

If you have already registered for the service with regard to another trustee, please do not create a second account, check your existing account to see if Trustee Brown is now listed on the menu. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF THE CASE HAS NOT YET BEEN IMPORTED INTO THE TRUSTEE’S CASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IT WILL NOT BE ACCESSIBLE FOR DOCUMENT UPLOAD.

Best regards,
- TrusteSolutions Support