Debtors & Counsel

Please Submit Documents At Least Seven (7) Days Prior To Your 341(a) Hearing Through Trustee Collaborative.

If you do not have access to the Trustee Collaborative, please e-mail us with the debtor name, case number, and email address at which you wish to receive Trustee Collaborative notifications to receive an invitation.

To avoid a continuance of the meeting, please provide the following documents:

CLEAR COLOR COPIES of your photo identification and social security card

FEDERAL AND STATE TAX RETURNS – 2022 and 2023 full return with W-2s, 1099s and K-1s.

PROOF OF INCOME – for 60 day period prior to filing date (wages, social security, unemployment and other sources).

BANK STATEMENTS – for all accounts in your name for the 90-day period prior and including the date your case was filed.






DIVORCE – property settlement or Judgment papers

LAWSUITS – (in which Debtor is a Plaintiff) Provide name, address, and telephone number of attorney representing Debtor in the matter, copy of the complaint and any settlement demands

Please have the following documents available at the meeting:

Full copy of original signed Petition, Schedules, and Statement of Financial Affairs signed by all Debtors

Government issued photo identification

Proof of Social Security number 

Steps to prepare for and attend the meeting of creditors.

Trustee Collaborative through BlueStylus is a secure document management solution specifically designed to reduce the headaches around requesting and submitting debtor documents for 341(a) meetings. Trustee Collaborative is available at no charge to Debtor Attorneys who work with Chapter 7 Trustees using TrusteSolutions software.

Trustee Collaborative helps increase efficiency and productivity for both Attorney and Trustee offices by:

Allowing real-time sharing of debtor documents in a single, fully-secure web location

Eliminating file size limits often imposed by email service providers

Minimizing efforts needed for follow-up

Ensuring each party is kept up to date with submission status of documents

Communicating any changes to 341(a) meeting times and locations to all involved parties

Register for the system here:  BlueStylus Login / Register

For help using Trustee Collaborative, please contact TrusteSolutions support: 

(866) 878-7831