Marcia R. Meoli has served as a panel chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee for the Western District of Michigan since 1992. Her service area is for cases filed in Grand Rapids, including the counties of Kent, Ottawa, Barry, Ionia, Mecosta, Montcalm, Muskegon, Newaygo and Oceana. As trustee, Marcia does not represent any debtor, any one creditor or other party in interest. Her duties are defined by the bankruptcy code. If you are a debtor, creditor, or other interested party, please seek the advice of your attorney for answers to legal questions. Neither Marcia nor her staff may provide legal advice.

For attorneys who have cases where Marcia is the trustee:

These items may assist you in producing documents for Marcia’s 341 meetings:

341 Document list


How to send (upload) documents

Marcia uses the TrusteSolutions (TES) software and its Blue Stylus-Trustee Collaborative system for uploading documents for debtor cases. Attorneys: Register with and use the Blue Stylus – Trustee Collaborative system to send (upload) documents. That will give you constant access to what you have sent. Start at or send an email to mailto: [email protected].

For questions about Trustee Collaborative, contact TES: [email protected] or 866.878.7831, extension “1”.

Assistant for trustee work: Lori DeLand, [email protected]

Location for meetings of creditors: Trustee meeting room, Ledyard Bulding, Second Floor, 125 Ottawa NW, Suite 202R, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Appearances are required for first examination and special follow-up examinations. For adjourned meetings for document production after the first examination, we hope that you will send the document(s) prior to the adjourned date and not need to appear again. If this does not happen, further appearance may be required.

If you need an adjournment of a first meeting of creditors, please contact assistant Lori DeLand, above, to arrange the adjourned date. You will also need to serve the notice of the adjourned meeting on creditors and interested parties (court matrix) in advance.

For questions about document production, first, review your list of outstanding items and review what you uploaded to Blue Stylus-Trustee Collaborative. If you still have questions, contact Lori Deland, above.

For other questions, contact Lori DeLand, above, or the trustee at [email protected].